Pawtec 13 inch MacBook Pro / Air / Retina Neoprene Lycra Shockproof Sleeve w/out Touchbar

$ 14.49



  • Fits 13 inch MacBook Pro / Retina / Air, including 2020 models.
  • Designed with extra room to fit MacBooks with hard shell protective cases.
  • Bubble-padded interior provides extra shock and drop protection for MacBook.
  • Made from durable and lightweight Neoprene Lycra to reduce weight and withstand daily use at school, work, or anywhere.
  • Front storage pocket with zipper to store wall chargers, hard drives, flash drives, USB-C cables, cell phones, and other accessories.

More Information

Travel anywhere and be assured that your MacBook is being protected. The Pawtec 13" MacBook Shockproof Neoprene Lycra Sleeve is a lightweight and durable way to protect your 13” Apple MacBook from dust, scratches, dents, and dings. The bubble-padded interior provides improved protection for the MacBook, protecting your important device from drops and bumps. The case is made from lightweight Lycra material to reduce overall weight while making the exterior look clean and stylish. Our sleeve is designed with extra room to fit MacBooks with a hard shell protective case. The sleeve also features a top-loading zipper for the MacBook with a large front storage pocket to conveniently store your wall charger, flash drives, and other accessories.

- Lightweight padded Neoprene Lycra material.
- Easily fit 13” MacBook Pro / Air / Retina, including new 2020 models.
- Extra front zipper storage pocket for chargers, flash drives, memory and SD cards, small external hard drives, or other accessories.

- All Apple MacBook 13” models, including 2020 models.

- 12.5 x 8.5 inch interior.
- 13 x 9 x 1 inch exterior.

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