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Lot of 50 - Pawtec Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable for Android Cell Phones and Tablets - 3.3 Feet/1 Meter (Tangerine Orange)

$ 14.99


You will receive 50 Micro USB cables, each individually packaged.


  • 3.3 ft. (1 m) durable, flexible cord suited for a variety of everyday connection needs.
  • Ideal for connecting PC peripherals and supports 480-Mbps data transfer transmission speed.
  • Durable cables you can use for home, work, or travel so you’re always connected.
  • Perfect fit: compact, heat-resistant, stainless steel connector heads plug in easily yet securely and fit most phone and device cases.
  • Wear-resistant cable jacket protects wire cores and resists kinks and tangles for seamless use.
  • 5000+ bend lifespan to last several times longer than standard cables.

More Information:

The Pawtec Premium Micro USB Charge and Sync Cable lets you easily charge your device and sync it with the latest information, pictures, movies, and apps. The aluminum connector is durable and slim so it can easily connect with devices in protective cases.


Works with any device that uses Micro USB such as Android smartphones like the   Samsung Galaxy A11, Nokia, OneTouch, Motorola, Oppo.  Also works with Android tablets, game controllers using Micro USB, and other electronic devices such as computer peripherals and external hard drives.

Style and Design

The Pawtec Premium Micro USB Charge and Sync Cable is made with durable aluminum molding plugs with enhanced strain relief and built to last. The stylish nylon cable will not fringe or cripple. The cable is designed to easily connect to your device even when in a protective case. It is tangle-free for easy storage and use, and at over 3 feet in length, you can easily connect the cable to charge and sync while freely using your device at the same time. This high quality cable will charge and sync your device at the full capacity allowed by your device.

  • 1 meter / 3.3 feet in length
  • USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B Cable
  • High speed Charge and Sync 480-Mbps
  • Each cable is individually packaged.

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