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Lightweight Flat Screen TV Cover – Full Body Stretchable Lycra Protection Cover Sleeve for Flat Screen Televisions

$ 27.99


  • This Lightweight TV cover protects flat screen televisions from dust and dirt when not in use or when being transported.
  • Made from top quality stretchable and lightweight brushed lycra material for easy handling and storage. Inside has soft lining to prevent scratches to the TV screen.
  • Cutout backing design allows you to fit TVs of various thickness and fit cables attached to the TV.
  • TV Cover fits all kinds of flat screen TVs from brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, and more. Easy and convenient to put on and take off.
  • Pawtec is the original designer of the Lightweight Full Body TV Sleeve, our design team uses cutting edge, high quality materials to keep your TV stylish and protected. This product comes with a one-year limited warranty with easy customer service support.

More Information

NOTE: Please note this is a TV Cover. Flat screen television is not included. Measure TV screen for proper fitting.

The Pawtec Lightweight Flat Screen TV Full Body Sleeve Cover is Pawtec's original unique design to protect your valuable TV and keep your brand new flat screen television looking like the day you bought it. Our sleeve protects your flat screen TV from dust and dirt when not in use, and is designed to look good in any home or office. Made from lightweight and stretchable brushed lycra material, the Lightweight Flat Screen TV Sleeve fits a large variety of TVs from many popular brands and can fold and store away easily when not needed. This lightweight sleeve fully covers your flat screen TV and features a unique cutout backing that allows you to put on and take off the sleeve without needing to remove cables attached to the back. The interior of the sleeve is soft lined to prevent scratches to the screen when removing or placing the cover.

Fits Flat Screen TVs

Our TV cover fits major brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, and more.

  • 47-50" sleeve cover measures 46" in width and 28" in height.
  • 52-55" sleeve cover measures 52" in width and 30" in height.
  • 60" sleeve cover measures 56" in width and 32" in height.
  • 65" sleeve cover measures 60" in width and 35" in height.

- Easy to install, just slip over the TV.
- Lightweight and easy to handle.
- Easy to fold and store away when not needed.
- Back opening allows sleeve to slip on or off without removing cables attached to the back of the TV.
- Soft lined interior protects the screen from scratches.

Package Content:
- Flat Screen TV Lycra Full Body Sleeve


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